Articulation, Oral-Placement & Language

  • Difficulty forming sounds
  • Unclear Speech     [more] 
  • Prolonged difficulty with sounds, possibly even after previous therapy
  • Apraxia         [more]
  • Late Talker
  • Delayed speech & language skills 
  • Difficulty expressing themselves
  • Difficulty communicating with peers, affecting social interactions

Feeding Difficulty & Picky Eating

  • Difficulty transitioning to different food types         [more]
  • Weight & growth concerns
  • Nutrition concerns
  • Picky eating  & mealtime stress [more]
  • Gagging, choking, coughing or vomiting at mealtime
  • Difficulty managing food in their mouth    [more]

Tongue-Ties & Lip-Ties 

  • Infant breast/bottle feeding difficulties             [more]
  • Difficulty transitioning to different food types  & Difficulty managing food in the mouth.
  • Difficulty pronouncing sounds & Unclear Speech, possibly even after previous therapy.
  • Mouth breathing,  excessive drooling, frequent congestion
  • May experience neck, shoulder or back tension, and body misalignment.  [tongue-ties]