We are committed to your health & safety

We offer both virtual Teletherapy and In-Person appointments, so that you can choose the method of service that you feel most comfortable with.

Disinfection Procedures:

All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between appointments. 


Protective Measures:


Gloves and a face Mask are worn by the therapist;   


Face masks for clients are no longer required but may be re-instated if necessary.


Sanitizing Procedures:

All patients & families must wash their hands prior to entering the office. 

Hand sanitizers are available in the entryway and throughout the office.

Safety Procedures

For In-Person Appointments:

Although COVID-19 is no longer considered a pandemic by the CDC, we still strive to make sure all of our clients stay safe & healthy.  Therefore, for all in-person appointments, there are specific procedures in place to ensure your health & safety:

  • Appointments are staggered to allow for cleaning and disinfection between sessions.  
  • Only one patient/family is in the office at any time.
  • Upon arrival, patients must send a text message to the therapist and wait in their car until given instructions to enter the building.
  • Upon entry into the building, patients & family members are instructed to go to the restroom to wash their hands before entering the office.  Hand sanitizers are available in the entryway and throughout the office. 
  • Face masks are no longer required, but this may be re-instituted if necessary. The therapist wears a face mask, goggles, and gloves at all times.  
  • We still have strict illness policies and entry into the office is prohibited if the patient or any member of the family or household is experiencing any symptoms of cold, flu, COVID-19, or other illnesses.


  • All patients & families are still required to report their exposure to, or testing positive for, COVID-19 or other illnesses.

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Virtual sessions are also utilized to reschedule sessions that may need to be canceled (ex: due to illness, transportation difficulties, schedule changes, during a quarantine, or if the office needs to close due to the pandemic.)